The Artian is a consultancy and training company

We focus on building creative organizations with a unique approach: applying art mindset in business environment

We aspire to see people more creative, more empathetic, more forward-looking. That is why we blend the artist’s imagination with the entrepreneur’s execution.

We are committed to foster an artistic mindset in business to pursue originality – that means we apply art thinking to business. To do so, we apply methods and practices from the art world and combine them with knowledge from the business and entrepreneurship worlds to help organizations create and foster a creative and innovative environment.

Through our public engagements, trainings ,seminars, research, and community events, The Artian delivers meaningful experiences that will foster new and unique learnings to people.

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Our keynotes – provoking, motivating, and inspiring teams by applying the art’s imagination and forward-looking.


Our learning experiences – developing human’s intrinsic capabilities and skills while nurturing an original mindset.


Our organization support – designing and implementing shift toward a creative culture that draws from art and entrepreneurship

Living in a global world means being connected. Whether it is our adapted content or our newly developed one, our online experience brings you the originality and impact of The Artian learning experience at your computer screen.


bonus episode – A few pages away from Mars | Tim Ellis

bonus episode - A few pages away from Mars | Tim EllisIn this bonus episode, Tim Ellis, the co-founder and CEO of relativity space speaks about his dream to become a writer; how his life with his partner, the artist Richelle Gribble, is influencing him, and why art,...

season 2 episode 16 – everything is connected | Richelle Gribble

season 2 episode 16 - Everything is Connected | Richelle GribbleIn this episode, Richelle Gribble, an expeditionary artist who explores planetary connectivity, both on and off Earth, speaks about her experience at biosphere 2, the north pole, and why she is practicing...

Nir Hindi as Guest of the Leadership and Loyalty Podcast with Dov Baron

SPAINNir Hindi as Guest of the Leadership and Loyalty Podcast with Dov BaronBetween August 22nd and 25th, 2021, Nir recorded the two-piece podcast “Renaissance Thinking for Business”  and “Art as 21st Century Leadership”, as part of the show Leadership and Loyalty –...

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