Nahum Tevet from the Exhibition "Walking on Wall"

I came back from the holidays which was wonderful to bring you more information, data and knowledge regarding the art world. I wonder how 2014 will look like. As you already notice one of the topics I’m dealing with is the misconceptions about buying art. The majority, especially young individuals, believes that one has to be a billionaire to be able to buy art work, or to have a bachelor in arts history, etc. I believe that everyone with the passion and the will can start his or her collection.

I gathered here few articles which will help you clarify any questions and misconceptions you might have regarding the collectors’ world.

In her article, Winona Dimeo-Edigert interviewed Jessica Breedlove Latham and Lindsay Jordan Kretchun, co-founders of Portland’s Duplex gallery and design collective, and asked her to clear up some of the common misconceptions about buying art. This interview will give you a better insight on the  matter. Read it HERE.

If you wish to learn more, read the following article, Five Common Misconceptions About Art, written by Bridget Jones

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