John Chamberlain at Dia Beacon

John Chamberlain at Dia Beacon

How to value art is one of the most common questions among many people – art lovers, collectors, professionals and outsiders. How you can estimate something that has a non-physical aspect and intrinsic value? Some professionals claims that art as an asset must be eligible for pricing that allows us to measure and therefore estimate risk and return degrees.

I just read Asset Pricing: Art, a professional document by Artemundi Global Fund (AGF). If you are interested in art finance and financial valuation of art I encourage you to read this document and to visit AGF’s research page. Another reliable source is the Art & Finance report published by Deloitte; you can read it at the following link.

AGF is an art fund established in 2008 by a group of experienced collectors and their aim is “to portray the possibilities of art-investment funds as institutionalized art-investment vehicles.”

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