From time to time I like to write about Art Startups. It seems that this is the new hot topic as I can’t follow the number of new startups dedicated to art. Though, there are some that I find interesting. This time I chose to write about Depict which brings digital art to your living room and “doing for visual content what iTunes and Spotify have done for music,” as it written on the company’s web site.

Depict is a web and mobile platform, which enables people to discover, collect and display digital art. Different artists, galleries and art institutions (see here their artists) partner with Depict to present digital artworks exclusively. The art which is purchased or created can be showcased on the Depict frame using the iOS app.

Image courtesy of Depcit

Depict was started to bring the digitally created artwork online to homes and to bring back the creativity into the physical spaces. It aims at changing the experience of viewing and displaying art digitally by focusing on bringing the creativity into our homes using technology as a medium. Further, it provides opportunities to the people to own something unique and beautiful.

A high-definition 4K frame is being developed by Depict to display digital art. As an ‘artsy’ startup, Depict maintain high level of design. The frame is bordered by matted, oiled American maple wood which gives it a beautiful look. It comes with a stand that can be used to freestanding art display. Moreover, the mount on the back of the frame can be rotated easily to allow the display in either orientation.

Depict Frame can revolutionize the experience of displaying and viewing art. It will represent new era of elegant and contemporary digital frames. They are also very proud of being at the forefront of the expansion and innovation in the digital art market. By next summer, they will start the shipping of its frames.

The Depict frame can be pre-ordered from its website (shipping begins in July 2015) for $1800 each with additional shipping charges of $190. By using the Depict App for web and iOS, you can fill the frame with artwork by the digital artists around the World. The way to do it, is quite simple – you will have to create an account on Depict cloud or in the iOS app, you can sign up for subscription to art or buy limited editions of art works. Additionally, the art works can be purchased using AppleTV and Chromecast as well. You can also cast your own art work on your frame by uploading your work at Depict Cloud. Depict have a limited number of frames available currently.

The Founders

Depict was founded by Kimberly Gordon and Shambhavi Kadam.

Gordon is currently the CEO of Depict. She earned her BA from Columbia University and MBA from MIT University. Previously she worked on the first domestic carbon trading platform in China.

Kadam is the Vice President (Product) in Depict. She has got an Aerospace degree from MIT University.

The Investors

By the support of Dave Morin (founder of Slow Ventures), Michael Baum (founder of Founder.org), Blake Krikorian (founder of Sling Media), Weili Dai (co-founder of Marvell) and Jim Pallotta (founder of Raptor Group Holdings) , Depict claims to have raised $2.4 million in seed financing to begin the shipping of is frame.

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