artisleIn the recent years, the number of startups and entrepreneurs that are trying to break into the art world is increasing immensely. I find some exciting startups which I will cover here in the future. I chose to start with Artsicle.

Artsicle is a web application developed primarily for artists and art collectors. It operates as an online art gallery that enables artworks to be available for the masses. Artsicle helps you discover your taste in art and acquire your favorite pieces. This web application primarily aims to help novice collectors discover, rent, and even purchase original art pieces that are appropriate for their individual preferences. Artsicle displays artworks online both by greenhorn and experienced artists. These artworks are available for everyone to rent for a minimum fee of $25 per month and available for rent as long as the customer wants. Artsicle delivers your favorite artwork from around the globe to your doorstep for free.

Artsicle does not only aim to help art collectors but artists as well. The site allows the artists’ artworks to be discovered by art lovers and potential buyers. This application makes artworks of both young and experienced artists less expensively.

The Founders

Artsicle was founded by Scott Carleton and Alex Tryon in August 2010. Tryon is currently the CEO of Artsicle. Before Artsicle, her affiliation was with American Express and in contemporary art at the ICA Philadelphia. Tryon earned her B.A. in communication studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

The co-founder Scott Carleton is currently the CTO of Artsicle. Before the birth of Artsicle, Carleton was a nuclear engineer at Westinghouse in Pittsburgh. He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering, which he earned at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Investors

This business was able to receive total funding of $390,000 from its investors, who are either fond of high art or just want to invest in the art business. Some of their major investors and their firms or companies are:

  • 500 Startups – It has more than 675 investments in more than 552 different companies. This was founded by Dave McClure. 500 Startups is an incubator program and early-stage seed fund that primarily invests in SBM and consumer Internet start-ups.
  • Great Oaks Venture Capital – This has 115 investments in 97 different companies. It was founded by Andrew Boszhardt, Jr. and is based in New York. Great Oaks Venture Capital is a seed-stage investment firm.
  • Quotidian Ventures – This investor is an angel fund investing firm that utilizes technological advancements to modernize existing industries, habits, and processes. It was founded by Pedro Torres-Picon and is based in New York. It currently has 73 investments in 55 different companies.
  • PKS Capital – It was founded in May 2005. It is an angel group that operates at seed and early stage venture investments. It has now seven investments in five different companies.

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Learn more about Artsicle at Small Empires by Alexis Ohanian:



The company was closed in 2017. Because it struggled to scale the business and was unable to find satisfactory acquisition offers. Survived by: RiseArt, GetArtUp.

Source: FitSmallBusiness.com

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