[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We had such a wonderful time revisiting Asia. The exiting energy of Manila, the beauty of Bangkok, and the business atmosphere of Singapore were a great place to meet new people to chat and discuss the role of art in the process of innovation.

In Manila, Philippines, we were lucky to partner with Ignite, the startup conference, to host an event at the intersection of art, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Besides our founder’s keynote, we had a panel consists of professionals in the field: Fam Alonto, Head of Innovation, Insular Life; Gerry Dy, Retail Digital Lead, Security Bank; Vincent Tobias, Head of Innovation, Ayala Corporation; Hitendra Patel, Global Innovation Management Institue.

In Singapore, we were fortunate to have a partner like Singapore Management University. Every place we visited was fueled with a vast audience and wonderful questions about the topics. We are so looking forward to being back.

We want to send special thanks to our hosts in the different places: Kotaro Adachi, Paolo Rentero, and Gurbir Toor.

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The event photos

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