Is a valid question, isn’t?

Most of us read the news and see the imaginary prices of art which the majority of us will never be able to pay. When taking to other young people I always here their doubts about their ability to start their own collection.But apparently there are opportunities to young professional and the story of Joseph Kouli is a great example. This 35 years old gentleman who lives of regular salary collect contemporary art.

This story joins to the most famous story in the history of art – the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel. The Vogels managed to accumulated an impressive collection of art while Herb worked at the post office and Dorothy at a public library. Their stories is amazing one and you definitely should watch it. Read more in my previous post.

It took me time to collect the evidences and gain the knowledge that young people can collect art….than you start to realize that it’s possible and there are people who doing it. Read the interview with Joseph Kouli by Céline Piettre, from ARTINFO France that will give you more insights on how to collect art.


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