ARCOMany people wonder how they should start an art collection. The reasons to start an art collection are varied and may change from one collector to another, and the ways to start and educate yourself are different as well.

Last week I learned about a great and FREE way to get experience in collecting art. FIRST COLLECTOR is an independent initiative that runs during ARCOMadrid, Spain’s yearly art fair, and offers professional advice on buying artworks. The service, whose goal is to introduce beginners to the world of collecting, offers personalized and private visit plans to suit the needs of new collectors and more importantly work with their interests and budgets. Though the service is targeting beginners, the service is offered to more experienced collectors as well.

The service is sponsored by FUNDACIÓN BANCO SANTANDER and given for FREE through Elisa Hernando from Arte Global consulting company. If you have the chance to visit ARCOMadrid (Taking place Feb25-Mar1) this year and you are thinking about buying art, you definitely should try this service.

For further information, you can contact Arte Global at [email protected] or by ringing 91 591 98 85.

If you are interested in getting more information and tips visit the “Collecting Art” category on this blog.

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