After reading and hearing about the New Museum New Startups Incubator, I encountered more and more information about Art and Tech. I wonder why (or shall I not?) but most of the examples I found are coming from New York city. MoMA, one of the most famous museums in the world, assigned Paola Antonelli last year to occupy the newly created position of director of research and development. Her job is to look for new audiences and use technological advancements to enhance the museum activities.The new technologies are allowing museums to go out of their regular walls and try and experiment with new ways to engage their audience. Jennifer Maloney spoke with MoMa’s new director to learn more about her role and what she is trying to achieve. Read Maloney’s article published in the Wall Street Journal.

I recently started noticing that museums have become more aware of the importance of technology in their activity, and have started to act upon it. A good example would be the Metropolitan Museum of Art which created the new position of Chief Digital Officer that was occupied by Sree Sreenivasan last June.Sreenviasan was the Chief Digital Officer at Columbia university in NewYork. Jeff Yang, spoke with Sree, as he prefers to be called, for the Wall Street Journal which you can read here.

Moreover, have you read or heard about the #ArtTech meetup group? “This group is designed to explore the ways in which social media and technology can help bring arts and culture to the masses….The purpose of this meetup is to bring together those working at the intersection of arts and technology to share ideas, strategies, successes, challenges and failures….”  as written in the group page. If you are in NewYork try to join their events.

I have to admit that I’m excited to read and here about all these new collaborations between the Arts and the Technology. Did you read/ heard/ know about these kind of collaborations? Please share with us.

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