I found the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel an amazing one. Dorothy, a librarian and Herb, post office employee managed to build one of the most important Art collection in the world.
In the article “HOW TO COLLECT ART WHEN YOU AREN’T A BILLIONAIRE—OR EVEN A MILLIONAIRE”, published on FastCompany by Christine Champagne, Dorothy Vogel shared her story and tips on how to collect art even if you don’t have tons of money. Some of her tips include the following: If You See Something You Like, Buy It Right Away,Buy What Others Aren’t Buying and Bigger Isn’t Always Better . Read all of Dorothy’s tips here.

This story is being told in a new documentary film called 50X50; the name derives from its story; 2,500 contemporary artworks that were distributed throughout the nation as gift: Fifty Works for Fifty States. The film is well made so if you have the chance to watch it – do so.

Visit the movie’s website Here and the Vogel’s organization’s website Here.

Interested in building your own art collection? Get more information in Collecting Art Category.
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