We are excited about taking the mindset of The Artian to many places in the world. This time we will visit Mexico’s great university: IBERO.

IBERO (IBEROAMERICAN UNIVERSITY) has dedicated itself to train the future leaders of the country. Its educational leadership has gone beyond the classroom and has placed it as one of the best private universities nationally and internationally.

Some of the well-known alumni of IBERO are Victor Gavito and Marco, who, since 1974, directed the Alpura company, and Enrique Norten, the architect who designed the public library in New York.

Academic excellence, emotional maturity, ethical responsibility, and experience of transcendence, are just some of the characteristics of the educational of the IBERO.

The event will take place next February 19, 17:30.


We are very honored to be invited to IBERO. The successful event gathered more than 80 people from the business department, including students and teachers, that were interested in learning more about new ways of thinking.

We are grateful to Javier Cervantes González, the Director of the Business School, and Aribel Contreras Suárez, the Academic Coordinator in the International Business Undergraduate Programme for joining us.

Special thanks to Tal Naim from Israel Embassy for making this event happen.

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