The BiggestWhat do Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, Oracle founder <a href="https://en cytotec pills.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Ellison” target=”_blank”>Larry Ellison, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt have in common?

Yes, they are all successful in the tech sector, and reside in Silicon Valley – but another common characteristic is that they all possess large art collections.

Is it surprising? Maybe. These leaders are more recognized for their successes in the tech sector than for their art collections. What’s definitely positive is that they support the art world; these tech leaders and the young generation of tech entrepreneurs are important to the art world and, I would add, to the cultural future of our next generations. Buying art supports the continuation of its creation, and many of these collections later on likely will be donated to museums and public places.

The desire of the art world to tap into the tech community can be seen by different initiatives. One worth mentioning is the Art Silicon Valley Art Fair.

“We’re catering to an audience that is one of the most creative but has yet to take the step (toward art collecting and patronage). In my opinion this will be the next great group of collectors and caretakers of the art world,” said Nick Korniloff, the director and partner of Art Miami and the founder of Art SV.

In order to understand the tech scene’s motives when engaging with art I encourage you to read Ellen Gamerman’s article in the Wall Street Journal, in which she shed light on this new trend.

And like many other lists, now we also have the “biggest art collector in tech” list :).
Who are these big collectors you might ask? Read Madeline Stone’s “The 12 Biggest Art Collectors in Tech” list here.

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