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Guide and assist early-stage startups to build a strong narrative that leads to great results.

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If you are an entrepreneur, you are busy not only building your company but also raising funds to support its development. Pitching a problem, solution, product, market, go-to-market, business model, amongst other components, in less than five minutes, concisely and clearly – is a huge challenge.

Numbers are also against you: an average VC will meet approximately 1,000 startups a year, and invest in 4. The challenge becomes even harder – how do you stand out and become memorable. In addition, the average entrepreneur has 10-15 fundraising meetings a week during the fundraising process.

 While the pitch is not the singular factor that makes great companies, it testifies to the team’s ability to present compelling ideas and convey their value to potential investors as well as customers, in a direct and comprehensible way.

 This is where we come in.


We think about the pitch as the front window of the store, but we know how important it is to have all the internal components aligned in a reasonable and achievable way. 

In our work, we help you clarify and articulate your different business aspects. From explaining the business model in a better way to thinking about more creative go-to-market strategies. All at the end will be reflected in the pitch deck. The goal is not only to have a great pitch but to equip you with the best tool to raise the funds you need.

Now, imagine that YOUR pitching capabilities will get you the investment you need. 

Let’s develop together innovation competencies

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